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📣 After 9 wonderful years at Bucknell, I moved to the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder. Please be patient as I transition my website over to my new context. If you are thinking about graduate school, I am planning to accept 1 or more PhD students for Fall 2024 (more info yet to come!)

I am an Associate Professor of Information Science at University of Colorado Boulder. My research draws on the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Information Visualization. I believe that improving the public’s engagement, trust, and understanding of data is a critical societal challenge. My research focuses on the opportunities and barriers of both data representations and data tools when they are embedded within our public sphere.

Before CU, I was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Bucknell University, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Tufts University with Robert Jacob, and worked (during a recent sabbatical) as a Visiting Scientist at MIT with Arvind Satyanarayan.

Students: This semester, I am teaching INFO 4602: Information Visualization. We will be meeting MWF at 10:00am in HUMN 1B90.

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