an artistic image that contains blocks of colored squares vaguely resembling and overhead view of rural landscape

Empowering People through Data

I believe that improving the public’s trust and understanding of data is a critical societal challenge. My research focuses on how data representation and data tools can improve our engagement with data in the public sphere. I am particularly interested in the ways that poor assumptions about where people live, their access to technology, and their experiences undermine the impact the way we see and use data. My hope is that we can reimagine the processes and mechanisms we use to share data with more diverse communities.

My current work is amplified by wonderful collaborations with Arvind Satyanarayan at MIT’s Visualization Group (where I was a Visiting Scientist during the ‘21/’22 academic year), Lane Harrison at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Narges Mahyar at UMass Amherst. At Bucknell, my research prioritizes collaboration with undergraduate students.